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I truly believe that each business or organization has enough internal power to transform a conflict from a negative experience to a more positive undertaking. Together with my team, I help businesses and organizations with interactive training programs to quickly identify and eliminate the causes of internal conflict and low performance. 

The training model consists of three-steps.

Step 1: Conflict Performance Assessment 

We specialize in custom-designed training systems that match our clients’ needs. We assess where you are before we determine what is necessary for your business to make a transformation. 

Step 2: Conflict Training

We offer 3-hour modules covering the basic topics of conflict resolution theory and practice. The modules are designed with more than 50% interactive exercises, so trainees can experience conflict and then transform their learned behavior.

Step 3: Post-training Support 

We empower teams to continue the conflict resolution process beyond the training. We will conduct a 3-month and 6-month assessment to measure how your team is handling conflict differently than before.

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