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My research generates models and hands-on solutions to improve the process of sustainable community development.

The methods I use are familiar and aligned with the cognitive capacity of the communities I work with. I prefer to communicate with the communities through stories and drawings instead of letters and numbers and apply a three-step process in each research project.

Step 1: Understanding the system 

Each research project starts with an in-depth understanding of the community system.  I apply one or both of two methods depending on the scope of the project: Sondeo and Stakeholder analysis.

Step 2: Understanding  decision-making 

To understand how the community engages in decision-making, I rely on the VIEW analysis framework.      Field data for the VIEW analysis is gathered through Social polygraphy and Scenario planning.

Step 3: Understanding collaboration

Alignment between the community and the outside partner(s) is analyzed with the Model for the Potential Analysis of Conflict in Development (MAPCID).

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