My mission of bringing people closer together is expressed in the projects I conduct. The topics that I'm most interested in are related to environment and development. The projects I engage in are implemented in the USA, South America and Asia. 

Nature Conservation

Supported by Conservation International, World Wildlife Fund

I support nature conservation efforts with the design and implementation of stakeholder engagement and development of governance systems. Specific focus is set on ensuring adequate participation of local communities.

Climate Change 

Supported by World bank, United Nations, European Union

I support climate-change mitigation and adaptation programs with the design and implementation of stakeholder engagement. My effort is geared towards analysis and developing practical tools to include local communities in the climate change process.


Supported by Companies

I support efforts to align stakeholders in goldmining and  phase-out mercury, especially related to small-scale goldmining. Specific focus is set on aligning diverse groups - goldminers, government, academia and NGOs towards a set of shared goals.


Supported by Multilateral Banks, Companies and International NGOs

I conduct social studies  for development projects, such as in ESIAs for tourism, construction and infrastructure, healthcare, energy and power, oil and gas, agriculture and fisheries. Studies on land tenure and indigenous rights are specifically important to me.